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Welcome from Trueman Tuck

Trueman Tuck's Portfolio PhotographWelcome to Tuck's Paralegal Services website. Tuck's Paralegal Services is operated by Trueman Tuck Paralegal Litigator/Counsel who, since 1995, has been providing Paralegal Services. Trueman is a Paralegal licensee of The Law Society of Upper Canada [P07521].

Tuck's Paralegal Services provides three different services :

  1. is free education services on how to self represent successfully in property tax appeals and other matters
  2. is to provide research, coaching and assistance to those wishing to represent themselves
  3. is to act as your Paralegal representative

If you need help, ASAP, call
TOLL FREE: 1-888-611-5243
PHONE 613-968-3007
FAX 613-968-3215
TOLL FREE FAX: 1-888-872-7035
EMAIL trueman@tucksparalegalservices.ca

Tuck's Paralegal Services